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ARBCONSULTANCY provides assistance in writing professional resume and cover letter.
Our job seekers line of business recommendation section is intended to support those looking to build up their career prospects. It provides realistic guidance on CV and cover letter preparation, interview questions & techniques.

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How to write a Cover Letter

A cover letter is the first opportunity to take hold of the attention of the employer you seek. An excellent cover letter convinces the person who reads that you are a grave competitor and your resume is worth reading.

An attractive cover letter is:

Address the cover letter to the appropriate person, mention the job title, reference number (if applicable), and where/when the advertisement has been advertised. Also include the date and your contact details.

An attractive cover letter should be short sentences, simple language and is short. It should be between 3-4 paragraphs in length and not longer than one page.
The first paragraph should be stating what makes you interested in the role and company. Next specify the skills, qualifications and experience to meet your goals. Mention your interests that make you fit for the job and while ending the cover letter, thank the reader for considering the application.

An attractive cover letter is paying attention on the requirements of the employer. The cover letter should be unique and add value with the combination of attributes. Read the job description cautiously and maintain your statements with comprehensible examples.

The quality of the cover letter should be professional, friendly and optimistic. Demonstrate yourself and your skills in a positive way.

The excellence of your cover letter indicates to employers your interest to detail, skill to communicate and your level of professionalism. Make sure the grammar, punctuation and spelling of your letter is of the utmost standard. It is always recommended to have a proofreader by a friend or family member before submitting the cover letter.

CV Recommendation

ARBConsultancy provides professional assistance in writing an informative, flawless, and clearly presented resume.
In order to get your resume shortlisted, the resume must almost meet all of the criteria in the position description. Some of the tips are mentioned below:

Contact details
Basic information such as your name, address, telephone numbers and email address. Make sure the e-mail address you use appears professional.

Professional summary
Make sure the first area at the top of your resume is a "summary of experience" and includes specific applicable experience as opposed to generalities.
Try to use the words from the job description so that your resume will be matched while tracking the application, otherwise applicant tracking systems (ATS) will not match. Here your resume should be designed to demonstrate your significance.

Education and qualifications
In this section, mention your achievements and give an indication of what you are looking for in your next career move.

Work experience
This should be listed in sequential order, beginning with the most recent. Include employer names, positions held and primary responsibilities. Use language like "managed" or "oversaw" as recruiters and hiring managers react better to this terminology.
We recommend you not to leave gaps in your CV. If you took a year out, carried out an interim assignment, or travelled for six months, say so. If you do include gaps, employers can suspect the most awful.

It is also important to include details of two references, such as former employers. If you are a graduate with no work history, include details of a former lecturer.
The recruiters and employers prefer to value the most are those people you reported to directly. These are the people who speak about you and your skills and add value to their organization.

Document format
Most companies allow your resume in a widespread format i.e. pdf, doc, txt, odf and htm. Graphs, images, headers, footer or tables are not suggestible. ATS software does not recognize the images and graphics and unable to read the headers and footers.
If you have your own website profiling your work, include the URL, but do not simply submit the URL address instead of a resume.

Final checks
Don't forget to spell check your CV. Please remember that this is the first impression with the employer. Before submitting your CV, request a friend or a relative to proof read and make corrections if necessary.
After finalizing the resume and cover letter, attach them. Don't paste the text on to your email program because pasting the txt sometimes it will be difficult to read on the recipient's screen.
Do not attach the copies of the certificates related to educational or professional qualifications, unless stated.

Make personal contact
The best way to make sure your resume is seen is by following up with a phone call.

Resume template
Personalize your CV for each and every position applied. Make sure you present yourself as the best. Prepare a resume template and adjust for each job application.

Interview Guidance

The interview is an opportunity to impress the employer that you are a potential candidate among the competition. Meeting face to face is the deciding factor, so give your best to achieve the impression.

Punctuality is physically powerful indicator of your professionalism and passion for the role. Confirm the time and address of the interview and arrive 15 minutes early and bring the details of the person you are supposed to meet.

Appropriate Dress
Dress neatly in formal, neat shoes and in professional manner. Your appearance shows how you represent yourself and self-esteem.

Remain Tranquillity
Try to be relaxed and prepare yourself to maintain tranquillity. Keep in mind that you want to be successful on the end of the day.

Greeting the Interviewer
Greet the interviewer standing, with firm handshake, smile and maintain eye contact. Introduce yourself and try to find out the names of the interviewer or the panel, so that you can address them properly and make optimistic impression.
Be polite, sit straight in the chair and speak clearly.

Last Thought
At the end of the interview, thank the interviewer for the time with a hand shake and smile. Try to express your enthusiasm for the position.

Interview Questions

Could you tell me something about your background, your accomplishments, ambitions and goals for the future?
What are the responsibilities you handle at your current job? Did you handle any other responsibility earlier?
Why did you apply for this particular job position? Do you feel you have the right qualifications for the job?
What kind of skills and experience do you have for the job you are being interviewed for?
Describe some of your most successful accomplishments so far.
If hired, when can you join us at the earliest?
Tell me something about yourself and your hobbies in general.
Assuming that the candidate does not hold a job at present; ask a question which focuses on how the candidate has spent his/her time. For example, which was the most recent job position you held? How did you spend your time after you resigned from your previous job? Did you attend any skill enhancing courses or any other classes?
Why did you choose to study ____________?
Is there anything you would like to ask with regard to the job position you have applied for?
I would like to hear more about your experience of working with customers/any other specific experience.
Is there any specific kind of work you are looking for?
Are you interested in the job I just described to you?
Do you know anything about our organization and the kind of work we do?
Do you think you can blend in with the rest of the team in our organization?
What is your current salary and what are your expectations from us?
Do you have any experience in managing other colleagues, team members or in handling an entire team? How many individuals have you managed for a specific time period?
Do you have any experience in handling workers unions? If yes, then please describe your experience in detail?
What kind of work environment brings out the best in you and your abilities?
Do you have any objections to us conducting a drug test, a criminal background check, reference checks, educational background checks or any other check on the credentials you have provided?
Ask a question pertaining to any specific experience the candidate has- For example, How many years of experience in Sales do you have?
Ask a question pertaining to some experience of the candidate which is relevant to the job- For example, Could you elaborate about your experience in handling a sales team at your previous job?

General Interview Questions

  • Tell me something about your family background.
  • Why did you choose to study management/engineering etc?
  • Was there any particular reason which made you leave your last job?
  • Describe your experience of working in a team. For instance, what do you feel your colleagues think about you?
  • Did you attend any seminars, skill enhancing courses or any other classes in the past one year?
  • If hired, what would be your contributions to this organization? How will you become an asset to us?
  • If hired, how long would you work for us?
  • What is your biggest strength and biggest weakness?
  • How does securing a job at our organization fulfil your dream job?
  • What are the important qualities to you in a job and why do you feel you would do well here?
  • Have you faced any disappointments previously at any other job you have held?
  • How well can you handle job pressure? Do you meet deadlines on time?
  • What motivates you to do well in a job and are the factors that could harm your interest in a job too?
  • Who do you define success? How important is being successful to you?
  • Describe your management style.
  • Is there any leader you admire and why?
  • What are a few lessons you have learnt from other jobs you have held?
  • What are your goals or ambitions for the next five years?
  • Have you ever been disappointed professionally? Was there any time when you felt you weren't given your due in a job?


Interview & Assessments types

Employers sometimes request the candidates to fill some questionnaires or undergo some tests. There are different types of tests, some of them are listed below:

Psychometric Tests
Employers use psychometric testing to assess the candidate about their competencies, motivations, aptitude and preferences. The most frequent psychometric tests are aptitude tests and personality questionnaires, which may also form part of an assessment centre process.

Aptitude Tests
The most common aptitude tests include:

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Abstract reasoning
  • Perceptual speed
  • Information checking
  • Spatial reasoning

Personality Questionnaires
Some of the questionnaires are about:

  • How do you think?
  • How do you feel?
  • How do you act in different situations?
  • How do you approach?
  • How do you solve problems


Testing and Assessments

ARBC is committed to providing its employer clients with highly trained and qualified employees. To ensure that our employee clients are top of the rank we subject our clients to a serious of tests and assessments based on the level of efficiency and professional qualifications required for the position.

Recruitment Process

Sample Resume



Telephone (H):

Telephone (M):



List your capabilities and past achievements. Add what value you think that you can add the role.

summary of skills & professional experience

List your key professional skills with 5 or 6 bullet points under each one explaining when you have used these skills in an employment situation.

Career Summary

Create a brief summary of your career for employers to gain an overview of positions that you have held.

TERTIARY Qualifications

Date Degree, Institution


Date Achievement

List any awards that you have won and other qualifications that are not career related.


Date Organisations

List any memberships you have to organisations or associations that are relevant to your profession, industry, role etc.


Available upon request.

Find Job

Keywords / Ref Number

Submit CV


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